Any police officer or Animal Control Officer may enter upon private property and seize any animal; provided, that the following exist:
   (A)   There is an identified complainant other than the police officer or Animal Control Officer making a contemporaneous complaint about the animal;
   (B)   The officer reasonably believes that the animal meets either the barking dog criteria set out in § 90.07(A) the criteria for cruelty set out in § 90.13; or the criteria for an at large animal set out in § 90.01;
   (C)   The officer can demonstrate that there has been at least one previous complaint of a barking dog; inhumane treatment of the animal; or that the animal was at large at this address on a prior date;
   (D)   The officer has made a reasonable attempt to contact the owner of the property and those attempts have either failed or have been ignored;
   (E)   The seizure will not involve the forced entry into a private residence; and
   (F)   Written notice of the seizure is left in a conspicuous place if personal contact with the owner of the dog is not possible.
(Prior Code, § 1301.080)  (Ord. passed 2-6-2008)