(A)   Except as otherwise provided, any person convicted of a violation of any section or provision of this code shall be fined in a sum not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00). Said violation shall be deemed a misdemeanor. Each day which such violation occurs and continues shall constitute a separate violation.
   (B)   A penalty imposed for violation of an ordinance may include, or consist of, a requirement that the defendant perform some reasonable public service work such as, but not limited to, the picking up of litter in public parks or along public highways or the maintenance of public facilities.
   (C)   Bail for all city ordinance offenses, punishable by fine not in excess of seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), shall be seventy five dollars ($75.00) cash. (Ord. 07-17, 10-1-2007)