The tax shall be levied, collected and paid with respect to income, salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation earned and/or received on and after January 1, 1965, and with respect to the net profit of businesses, professions and other activities earned on and after January 1, 1965. Provided, however, that where the fiscal year of the business, profession or other activity differs from the calendar year, the tax shall be applied to that part of the net profit for the fiscal year as shall be earned on and after January 1, 1965, to the close of the taxpayers fiscal year thereafter the taxpayer shall report on its fiscal year basis. This Ordinance shall replace all prior tax ordinances and all supplements and amendments thereto, for taxable years 2004 and later as required by amendments that were effective January 1, 2004 to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 718.
(Ord. 60-2012.  Passed 11-19-12.)