The following regulations shall govern the conduct of persons using the Thompson Park area:
   (a)   Carrying Away Sod, Wildlife, Etc.  No person shall take or carry away from the Park any sod, clay, turf, stone, gravel, leaves, peat, wood, plants, flowers, wildlife or anything of like kind.
   (b)   Discharge of Fireworks or Firearms; Throwing Stones.  No person shall discharge firearms, fireworks or any other explosive device within the boundaries of the Park; and no one shall throw stones or other missiles within, from or onto the Park premises.
   (c)   Fires.  No person, other than Park employees, shall light, make or use any open fire or combustible substance within the Park without first obtaining the approval and consent of the Park Superintendent.
   (d)   Sales; Signs; Handbills.  No person shall solicit, sell or expose anything for sale within the Park, nor post or attach any bill, notice, paper or like sign within the Park or upon any Park property, without first obtaining permission from the Park Board; nor, shall there be permitted by any means, the distribution of any handbill, circular, card or other like notice within the Park without first obtaining permission of the Park Board.
   (e)   Golfballs, Arrows, Model Planes, Etc.  No person shall drive golfballs, use a bow and arrow, or fly model airplanes or rockets on Park property, except in those areas designated for such use and posted by the Park Board.
   (f)   Speed Limits.  No person shall operate a motor vehicle within the Park at a speed in excess of fifteen miles per hour.  (Ord. 40, 1978.)
   (g)   Non-licensed Motorcycles, Etc.  No person shall operate a non-licensed or otherwise non-street legal motorcycle, mini-bike, moped, trail bike, go-cart or snowmobile upon park property, including improved roads and unimproved trails and paths.  Licensed motorcycles that are legal to operate upon any public road are not prohibited from being operated within the park upon improved roads.
      (Ord. 70, 2003.  Passed 12-1-03.)
   (h)   Motor Vehicle Washing or Repair.  No person shall use water taken from a Park water spigot or natural spring to wash any motor vehicle, nor shall any person repair a motor vehicle upon Park property.
      (Ord. 40, 1978.)
   (i)   Loud Music.  No person shall play or operate any radio, phonograph, tape player or electronically amplified musical instrument or device in a loud or unreasonable manner in any area within the Park.
      (Ord. 26, 1982.)