Upon its own initiative or whenever a complaint has been made that a person has engaged or is engaged in unfair employment practices, the Commission shall determine the facts and if there appears to be probable cause for the complaint it shall use its offices to attempt an adjustment by education, persuasion, reconciliation and conference.
   If, in the opinion of a majority of the members of the Commission the efforts to settle any complaint by education, persuasion, conciliation and conference have not adjusted the specific complaint, the Commission shall report its efforts and findings to the Community Relations Board, which shall also use its offices to settle the complaint by reconciliation and conference.
   If the complaint is not properly adjusted to the satisfaction of the Board within thirty days, the Board shall cause a public hearing to be held.  A notice of the particulars of the complaint shall be sent to the respondent by registered mail not less than ten days prior to the date set for the hearing.  The hearing shall be held before the Community Relations Board.  The respondent shall have the right to file an answer to the complaint and appear at such hearing to testify in his own behalf, or be represented by counsel, or otherwise and to examine and cross-examine witnesses.  If upon all the testimony taken, the Board, by a two-thirds vote of the members thereof, shall determine that the respondent committed the discrimination practice set forth in the complaint, the Board shall issue an order directing the respondent to cease such discriminatory employment practice so found to be engaged in.  The Board shall have power to require proof of compliance.
   In the event the respondent refuses or fails to comply with the order of the Board, the fact of such refusal together with the verified complaint and the record of the proceedings of the public hearing shall be certified to the Law Director for legal proceedings for compliance with this chapter.
   Whenever the Commission finds that any official, agent or employee of this City, or any contractor or subcontractor doing work for this City, has engaged in any unfair employment practice, it shall investigate the facts and make a report thereof to the Community Relations Board.  The Board, by majority vote, may certify the case to the Mayor for appropriate action.
(Ord. 44, 1963.)