The duties of the Commission of Inter-Group Relations shall be:
   (a)   To study the causes in inter-group tensions which may exist, and to formulate and carry out a comprehensive educational program designed to:
      (1)   Cultivate better relations between racial, national and religious groups, working towards the elimination and prevention of all undemocratic barriers that curb equality of rights and opportunities and that produce prejudice or discrimination based upon race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry;
      (2)   Help build a community where people will learn increasingly to act on the basis of the facts and accept or reject a person on the basis of individual merit, regardless of race, color, religion or national origin.
      (3)   Recognize and emphasize the value of cultural differences and encourage various cultural groups to share fully in community life;
      (4)   Build a city where all the people will increasingly understand and appreciate the composite character of the American population.
   (b)   To assemble and analyze factual data concerning racial and religious discrimination and other related practices in the area of housing, transportation, education, health service, civil rights, recreation and law and order;
   (c)   To confer and cooperate with and furnish technical assistance to employers, labor unions, employment agencies and other public and private agencies in formulating educational programs for the elimination of prejudice and discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry and to stimulate the establishment of committees for this purpose in industry, labor, civic life and other areas;
   (d)   To make technical studies and prepare and disseminate educational material relating to discrimination and prejudice, and ways and means of reducing and eliminating it;
   (e)   To formulate and prepare recommendations for the enactment of such ordinances and other legislation as they deem necessary.  These recommendations shall be presented to the Community Relations Board.
   (f)   To report their activities, findings and recommendations to every meeting of the Community Relations Board or upon request of the Chairman of the Community Relations Board.
      (Ord. 44, 1963.)