(a)   At the time of an application for a street vacation is filed with the Planning Commission, there shall be deposited with the City Auditor, the sum of $500.00 to cover the costs of investigation, review, approval of the application and cost of preparation, approval and filing of the street vacation ordinance including postage and publication expenses. Such sum shall be deposited and credited by the City Auditor to the General Fund.
   (b)   $100.00 of the deposit shall go to the Planning Department for the application fee. $150.00 of the deposit shall be used by the Planning Department to cover the cost of postage and publication fees.
   (c)   $250.00 of the deposit shall to City Council to cover the cost of postage and publication of the legal notice.
   (d)   The unused portion of the $500.00 deposit will be returned to the applicant after the process is completed.
(Ord. 47, 2012.  Passed 9-26-12.)