TITLE FIVE - Housing Code
Chap. 1321.  General Provisions.
Chap. 1323.  Space Requirements.
Chap. 1325.  Structural Requirements.
Chap. 1327.  Fire-Safety Requirements.
Chap. 1329.  Equipment Requirements.
Chap. 1331.  Property Maintenance Requirements.
Chap. 1333.  Mobile Homes and Trailers.
Chap. 1335.  Mobile Home Courts and Trailer Parks.
Chap. 1336.  Sectional Residential and Commercial Units.
Chap. 1337.  Administration.
Chap. 1337A. Rental Housing.
Chap. 1339.  Board of Housing Appeals.
Chap. 1341.  Compliance.
Chap. 1343.  Vacation, Demolition and Emergency.
Chap. 1345.  Dumping.
Chap. 1347.  Cellular or Wireless Communication Systems Towers.