(a)   Every person engaged in hauling refuse for hire within the City shall first procure a license from the Department of Public Service-Safety.
   (b)   The fee for the license and the licensee shall pay the fee provided for herein that shall be as follows:
Per Year
Trucks up to 3/4 ton
Trucks more than 3/4 ton but less than 2 ton
Trucks of more than 2 ton but not including packers
Packers up to 16 yard capacity
Packers over 16 yard capacity but not in excess of 20 yard capacity
Packers of 20 yard capacity or larger
   All commercial haulers must have a placard displayed on both doors that will indicate their East Liverpool license has been obtained.
(Ord. 38, 2009.  Passed 8-3-09.)
   (c)   The license period shall be from January 1, of each year and extend to December 31 of the same year; it shall be nontransferable, and renewable yearly.
   (d)   Licenses shall be procured at the office of the Director of Public Service-Safety.
   (e)   Every truck or carrier so licensed shall be of a closed type and/or securely covered by a tarpaulin.
   (f)   All solid waste and refuse collected by the licensee shall be transported to and deposited at a site outside the corporate limits of the City.
   (g)   Vehicles and containers of the licensee shall be so constructed as to prevent scattering of refuse or rubbish on any part of the public streets, alleys, highways or grounds of the City.  (Ord. 46, 1979.)
   (h)   Any licensee shall not engage in the business of hauling refuse within the City between the hours of 7:00 o’clock p.m. and 6:00 o’clock a.m. the next morning.
(Ord. 58, 2009.  Passed 11-2-09.)