In case of the death, resignation or removal of the Mayor, the vacancy in the office of Mayor shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by a person chosen by the residents of that City who are members of the City Central Committee if there is one, or if not then of the County Central Committee, of the political party with which the last occupant of the office was affiliated.  If the vacancy occurs because of the death, resignation or inability to take office of a Mayor-elect, an appointment to take the office at the beginning of the term shall be made by the members of the Central Committee who reside in the City where the vacancy occurs.
   Not less than five nor more than forty-five days after the vacancy occurs, the specified members of the City or County Committee shall meet to make an appointment to fill the vacancy.  Not less than four days before the date of the meeting the committee chairman or secretary shall send, by mail to every member eligible to vote on filling the vacancy, a written notice stating the date, time and place of the meeting and its purpose.  A majority of the eligible members present at the meeting may make the appointment.
   If the last occupant of the office of Mayor or the Mayor-elect was elected as an independent candidate, the vacancy shall be filled by election by the legislative authority for the unexpired term.  (ORC 733.081)