(a)   The funds received from the collection of sewer service charges shall be deposited with the City Treasurer.  The money so deposited shall be kept by the Treasurer in the Sewer Revenue Fund.
   From the Sewer Revenue Fund, transfers shall be made into the Equipment Replacement Account, the Debt Service Fund and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Fund.  Collections resulting from user charges, the debt service charges, the extra strength surcharges, the surveillance charges, the permit fees and account deposits shall be deposited in the Sewer Revenue Fund.  Moneys collected from the connection charges shall be transferred directly into the Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Fund.
   (b)   The Board of Public Utilities shall review the user charges at least annually and revise the rates, subject to Council approval, as necessary to ensure that adequate revenues are generated to pay the costs of operation and maintenance (including replacement) and that the system continues to provide for the proportional distribution of operation and maintenance including replacement costs among users and user classes.
   The Board shall recommend the schedule of charges no later than the first regular meeting in October of Council for ratification with the effective date of such ordinance to be January 1 of the following year.
   The City shall also inform the users at least annually of the rates being charged for operation and maintenance (including replacement) of the treatment works.
   (c)   In connection with the administration of this chapter, reference is made to Section 929.05, specifically those sections pertaining to wastewater discharge data disclosure, reporting requirements, monitoring facilities and inspection and sampling.
   (d)   The results of routine sampling and analysis by the owner and/or the Sewer Department shall be used to determine the extra strength user surcharges;  however, the Board of Public Utilities may, at any period of time and of such duration and in such manner as the Board of Public Utilities may elect, determine the strength of the discharged wastewater for purposes of verification.  If the owner fails to file the necessary reports, the strength determined by the Sewer Department's analysis shall be used to determine the amount of surcharges.  Similarly, the surcharges shall be applied to the total metered water consumption if the owner fails to file the required reports.
(Ord. 39.  Passed 8-1-88.)