(a)   The following user charges and debt service charges shall be paid by all classes of users (as identified in Section 931.05 of the Codified Ordinances) throughout the service area and the charges shall be based on each 1,000 gallons of flow being discharged to the sanitary system.
   User Class            Dollars Per 1,000 Gallons
   All classes, except County      Effective September 1, 2016 - 6.25 per 1,000 gallons
   Sewer District users         Effective September 1, 2017-6.84 per 1,000 gallons
                  Effective September 1, 2018-7.52 per 1,000 gallons
   County Sewer District users      Per Ordinance 29, 2002
(Ord. 65, 2016.  Passed 9-19-16.)
   The rate differential for the County Sewer District user charge reflects the costs associated with the City's operation, maintenance and replacement (O, M and R) costs of the wastewater collection system and the sewer billing costs.
   (b)   A minimum monthly charge based on 2,000 gallons per months per user is hereby established in order to generate sufficient revenue to recover fixed costs associated with the wastewater treatment works.
   (c)   Each industry discharging to the sanitary sewer system shall comply with Section 929.05 regarding pertinent information as to quantity of flow, characteristics of discharged wastewaters, etc., and this information shall be used to determine billings for the first year following the effective date of this section.  Subsequent billings shall be based on revised information taken from updated reports to be filed with the Sewer Department.
   (d)   Where industrial wastewater is combined with sanitary wastewater at the point or points of discharge, and no separate metering of each increment is provided, the sanitary wastewater from industry shall be considered equal to fifteen gallons per day per employee (thirty gallons per day where showers are used) at normal strength loadings as previously defined herein.
   (e)   The service charges, other than minimum charges, shall be computed on the basis of the water purchased from the City, as registered by the water meter or meters, unless the actual quantity of wastewater entering the sanitary sewer system can be determined, as specified hereinafter.
   (f)   Each premises served by the sanitary sewer system of the City shall be charged, and where a premises is served by more than one sewer connection, a combined charge shall be levied based on the total flow from all connections.
   (g)   Where more than one meter is installed, whether for the convenience of the owner of the premises or the City, sewer service charges shall be rendered to the owner of the premises for each meter, unless the combined flow through all meters is authorized by the Superintendent.
   (h)   When a person, firm or corporation can show to the satisfaction of the Board of Public Utilities that a portion of the water as measured by the water meter(s) does not enter the sanitary sewer system, such as uncontaminated cooling water, such person, firm or corporation may submit an application in writing to the Board of Public Utilities for the installation of an auxiliary water meter. The Board has the authority to permit or to require an additional meter(s) to be installed at the applicant's expense, so as to measure the quantity of water actually entering the sanitary sewer system.  The quantity of water used to determine the service charges shall be the quantity of water entering the sanitary sewer system as so determined.
   (i)   If the Administrator finds that it is not practicable to measure such water by meters, he shall determine the volume of wastewater in any manner or method as he may find practicable, in order to arrive at the percentage of metered water entering the sanitary sewer system and the quantity of water used to determine the sewer service charges shall be that percentage so determined.
   (j)   In the event that the conditions set forth in subsection (h) hereof are not, for any reason, met, all water metered to the premises shall be used for billing purposes.
   (k)   When a premises is supplied either whole or in part with water from wells or any source other than a public water supply, such wells or source of supply shall be registered in writing with the Board of Public Utilities.  The owner of the premises shall install and maintain at his expense, a meter or meters acceptable to the Department, on all such supplies, and the quantity of water used to determine the service charges shall be the quantity as measured by the meter or meters.  If the meter or meters are not installed within six months from the date of notification in writing by the Board of Public Utilities, the owner or other users of the premises shall be billed double the minimum charge.
   (l)   Where an auxiliary meter (or meters) is required for the proper determination of water subject to the service charges, such meter shall be installed only after approval has been granted by the Administrator.  Such meters shall be installed, owned and maintained by the property owner.  Venturi meters, flumes, weirs and other methods of measuring flows shall be used only when authorized by the Administrator.
   It is understood that where an auxiliary meter has been installed, such a meter shall not be removed without the approval of the Administrator.
   (m)   All meters shall be installed in accordance with the standards and rules and regulations of the City Water Department.
   Where private meters are used on wells, or in an industrial water distribution system, and such meters are set behind the primary water supply meter, the aforementioned standards, rules and regulations may be modified or waived by the Board of Public Utilities.
   (n)   Fire protection service branches shall be exempt from all service charges except for water used for purposes other than fire protection.
   (o)   Where a sanitary sewer in the area served by the City is available to any lot, parcel of land, building or premises which is improved, it is a conclusive presumption that wastewater from such lot, parcel of land, building or premises which is improved is discharged into such sewer, and the owner shall be billed the service charges as provided herein.  Any lot, parcel of land, building or premises abutting a street, alley or easement in which there is a public sanitary sewer shall be deemed to have available access to a sanitary sewer, and the owner or other users of the real property shall connect to such sewer within six months from the date the owner is notified in writing by the Board of Public Utilities that the sewer is made available for use to their property.  In the event the owner or other users of the real property are not connected on such date, the charges specified under subsections (a) and (b) hereof shall be imposed upon such property.  Revenue from these charges shall be deposited in the Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Fund.  Exceptions shall be as specified under Section 927.04(d).
(Ord. 39.  Passed 8-1-88.)