(a)   No person shall cut any curb on any of the streets, alleys or other public roadways within the City without first obtaining a permit to do so; nor shall any person who is issued a permit cut a curb at any location or of any dimension not approved by the City Engineer; nor shall any person who is issued a permit cut a curb without complying with the conditions subject to which such permit was issued.
   (b)   The Director of Public Service-Safety may, upon application of a property owner desirous of access to his property, after payment of the fee required, issue a permit to cut a curb only if:
      (1)   The Director of Public Service-Safety deems such curb cut necessary or beneficial to the full use and enjoyment of such property;
      (2)   The Director of Public Service-Safety approves the location and dimensions of such curb cut;
      (3)   Such curb cut will not, in the opinion of the Director of Public Service- Safety, create or unduly add to traffic problems or hazards in the area; and
      (4)   The permit is so conditioned that the applicant must restore any existing curb cuts, the use of which has previously been or will be discontinued or abandoned by the curb cut applied for, and agrees to restore the curb proposed to be cut to its former condition when and if the use or purpose for which it is being cut is discontinued or abandoned.
   (c)   A fee of ten dollars ($10.00) shall be paid before any permit to cut a curb is issued.
(Ord. 30, 1966.)