Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter, it is lawful for any person under 13 years of age to have in his possession any air rifle if it is:
   (A)   Kept within his house of residence or other private enclosure;
   (B)   Used by the person under 13 years of age and he is a duly enrolled member of any club, team, or society organized for educational purposes and maintaining as part of its facilities or having written permission to use an indoor or outdoor rifle range under the supervision, guidance and instruction of a responsible adult, and then only if the air rifle is actually being used in connection with the activities of the club, team, or society under the supervision of a responsible adult; or
   (C)   Used in or on any private grounds or residence under circumstances when the air rifle is fired, discharged, or operated in a manner as not to endanger persons or property and then only if it is used in a manner as to prevent the projectile from passing over any grounds or space outside the limits of such grounds or residence.