It is declared to be the public policy of the village:
   (A)   The maintenance of good order on roadways, as defined in ILCS Chapter 625, Act 5, § 1-179, is a permanent responsibility of democratic government;
   (B)   The public health, welfare and safety of the community require that the movement of vehicular traffic on the roadways be lawfully conducted with a minimum of disruption;
   (C)   The practice of unhindered or restrained picketing or demonstrating on the roadways has caused disruption of police, fire and emergency services and injury to persons regardless of participation in the march, assembly or demonstration;
   (D)   The practice of multiple demonstrations on the same day in different locations in municipalities and unincorporated areas of counties has unreasonably deprived the citizens of the police, fire and emergency services; and
   (E)   The provisions herein enacted are necessary the protection of the health, welfare and safety to the public.
(1981 Code, § 42.30, 30-2)