(A)   The administrative service of the village shall be divided under the Village Administrator into the following departments and heads thereof:
      (1)   Building Department/Building Inspector;
      (2)   Finance Department/Village Treasurer;
      (3)   Police Department/Chief of Police; and
      (4)   Public Works Department/Director of Public Works.
   (B)   The heads of the departments shall:
      (1)   Be immediately responsible to the Village Administrator for the effective administration of their respective departments and all activities assigned thereto;
      (2)   Keep informed as to the latest practices in their particular field and shall inaugurate, with the approval of the Administrator, the new practices as appear to be of benefit to the service and to the public;
      (3)   Submit quarterly and annual reports of the activities of his or her department to the Administrator;
      (4)   Establish and maintain a system of filing and indexing records and reports in sufficient detail to furnish all information necessary for proper control of departmental activities and to form a basis for the periodic reports to the Administrator;
      (5)   Have power, when authorized by the Administrator, to appoint and remove, subject to personnel regulations for employees, all subordinates under him or her;
      (6)   Be responsible for the proper maintenance of all village property and equipment used in his or her department; and
      (7)   Furnish, upon the direction of the Administrator, any other department service, labor and materials as may be requisitioned by the head of the department, and as its own facilities permit, through the same procedure and subject to the same audit and control as other expenditures are incurred.
(1981 Code, § 3.07)  (Am. Ord. 98-19, passed 10-19-1998)