(A)   Hours of operation. Cannabis dispensing organizations shall operate only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
   (B)   Product display. No products sold by a cannabis dispensing organization shall be visible from the public street, sidewalk or other public place.
   (C)   A dispensing organization may only accept cannabis deliveries into a restricted access area. Deliveries may not be accepted through the public or limited access areas unless otherwise approved under the Act or Medical Cannabis Act.
   (D)   A dispensing organization must include the legal name of the dispensary on the packaging of any cannabis product it sells.
   (E)   Dispensing organizations are prohibited from selling any product containing alcohol except tinctures, which must be limited to containers that are no larger than 100 milliliters.
   (F)   Dispensing organizations shall not:
      (1)   Sell cannabis, cannabis concentrate, or cannabis-infused products in combination or bundled with each other or any other items for one price, and each item of cannabis, concentrate, or cannabis-infused product must be separately identified by quantity and price on the receipt;
      (2)   Sell clones or any other live plant material;
      (3)   Have fewer than two people working at the dispensary at any time while the dispensary is open;
      (4)   Operate a dispensary if its video surveillance equipment is inoperative;
      (5)   Operate a dispensary if the point-of-sale equipment is inoperative;
      (6)   Operate a dispensary if the state’s cannabis electronic verification system is inoperative;
      (7)   Enter into agreements to allow persons who are not dispensing organization agents to deliver cannabis or to transport cannabis to purchasers;
      (8)   Operate drive-through windows;
      (9)   Allow for the dispensing of cannabis or cannabis-infused products in vending machines;
      (10)   Transport cannabis to residences or other locations where purchasers may be for delivery;
      (11)   Produce or manufacture cannabis;
      (12)   Accept a cannabis product from an adult use cultivation center, craft grower, infuser, dispensing organization, or transporting organization unless it is pre-packaged and labeled in accordance with the Act and any rules that may be adopted pursuant to the Act;
      (13)   Obtain cannabis or cannabis-infused products from outside the State of Illinois;
      (14)   Sell cannabis or cannabis-infused products to a purchaser unless the dispensary organization is licensed under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, and the individual is registered under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program or the purchaser has been verified to be over the age of 21;
      (15)   Violate any other requirements or prohibitions set by state rules.
(Ord. 20-03, passed 2-25-2020) Penalty, see § 10.99