(A)   Cannabis business establishments cannot advertise cannabis or a cannabis-infused product in any form or through any medium:
      (1)   Within 1,000 feet of school grounds, playground, hospital, healthcare facility, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park or library or any arcade that admits persons under age 21;
      (2)   On or in a public transit vehicle or public transit shelter;
      (3)   On a billboard as defined in § 156.02;
      (4)   On or in a publicly-owned or publicly-operated property; or
      (5)   Which contains information that:
         (a)   Is false or misleading;
         (b)   Promotes excessive consumption; or
         (c)   Depicts a person under 21 years of age consuming cannabis.
   (B)   This includes the image of a cannabis leaf or any image designed or likely to appeal to minors, including cartoons, toys, animals or children, or any other likeness to images, characters or phrases that are popularly used to advertise to children, or any imitation of candy packaging or labeling or that promotes consumption of cannabis.
(Ord. 20-03, passed 2-25-2020) Penalty, see § 10.99