(A)   Signs informing the public of the age restrictions of this chapter, shall be posted by every licensee in conspicuous view on the premises. Each such sign shall state:
      The sale of cannabis products to persons under twenty-one (21) years of age is prohibited by law. A photo identification showing proof of age shall be required of everyone under twenty-seven (27) years of age desiring to purchase cannabis products. Violations shall be reported to the Police Department.
   (B)   Said sign(s) shall be plainly visible and shall measure at least eight and one-half inches in height and 11 inches in width. Lettering on said sign shall be at least one-half inch in height. Said signs shall also inform the public that the Village Police Department is to be contacted should the law be violated.
   (C)   The signage requirement set forth in this section shall not apply to any medical cannabis cultivation center or dispensary which operates exclusively under a license issued pursuant to the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program, ILCS Chapter 410, Act 130, §§ 1 et seq.
(Ord. 20-03, passed 2-25-2020)