(A)   Any act or failure to act of an employee or agent of either the licensee or a management company with respect to the licensed business shall be deemed to be the act of the licensee. Any duty set forth in this chapter as a duty of the licensee shall also be the duty of any agent or employee of the licensee.
   (B)   No employee or other server of cannabis may consume or be permitted to consume any cannabis product on the licensed premises while on duty or while performing any duties of employment.
   (C)   No person, including any employee, manager, owner or agent of the licensee may consume cannabis products on the licensed premises before or after the permitted hours of operation.
   (D)   A person must be at least 21 years of age to sell cannabis products.
   (E)   A manager shall be on the premises at all times that the licensed premises are open for business.
   (F)   A dispensing organization shall submit a list to the state of the names of all service professionals that will work at the dispensary.
(Ord. 20-03, passed 2-25-2020)