(A)   Any license or registration granted may be revoked or suspended for cause by the Liquor Commission, by notice, in writing, served either by registered mail, personal service or posting notice on the premises. The action may be taken after investigation or after public hearing in the discretion of the Liquor Commission.
   (B)   Violation of any provision of this chapter, indebtedness to the village for other licenses or registration fees required by ordinance, violation of criminal laws of the state or misstatement or withholding or material information in the application for license of registration shall be deemed cause for revocation of the license or registration. For the purposes of this section, every licensee shall be deemed responsible for the unlawful acts of his or her agents or employees whether or not the licensee knowingly permits or has actual knowledge of the unlawful acts.
(1981 Code, § 36.10) (Am. Ord. 94-02, passed 2-22-1994) Penalty, see § 116.99