A permit shall only be issued upon proper application as prescribed by the Village Administrator's office. The application shall be filed not less than ten days before the event. That application shall include, but shall not be limited to:
   (A)   Applicant information;
   (B)   Location;
   (C)   The date and hours for which the permit is desired;
   (D)   An estimate of anticipated attendance and whether there will be a charge for attendance;
   (E)   A site plan for how the Depot and Depot Park will be utilized;
   (F)   If there is alcohol, whether it will be sold or served;
   (G)   Description of any entertainment/activities planned (i.e. live music, DJ, etc.); and
   (H)   Such other information the Village Administrator's office reasonably requires.
(Ord. 17-42, passed 8-7-2017)