(A)   Any person aged 65 or older who receives a bill for waste material collection in said person's name under this chapter shall receive a 25% discount upon the fee provided for in § 37.01(D)(3) of the Village Code commencing the first month after application for such a discount upon a form provided by the Finance Director.
   (B)   The village will provide a rebate to Village Green and Gardiner Place senior apartments based upon the number of persons aged 65 or older registered as residents. The number of eligible residents shall be limited to the number of units within each facility. The rebate shall be 25% of the village garbage collector monthly fee provided for in § 37.01(D)(3) of the Village Code.
(Ord. 17-40, passed 8-7-2017; Am. Ord. 18-06, passed 4-16-2018; Am. Ord. 20-09, passed 4-20-2020)