(A)   A garbage collector shall be hired upon a contract with the village to collect and dispose of waste materials.
   (B)   The garbage collector shall do all of the work and furnish all necessary equipment and labor to cause to be removed waste materials as hereinbefore specified.
   (C)   The garbage collector shall furnish a truck for the purpose which shall be suitably covered and shall have a suitable body so as to prevent any waste materials either to leak through the truck or to spill over the same and to, at all times when not actually engaged in the business of collecting waste materials, keep the truck covered and particularly to keep the same covered while driving to or from a garbage route.
   (D)   The garbage collector may retain as many employees as he or she may see fit, but shall, in all respects, be personally responsible for the performance of his or her duties in compliance with the contract.
(1981 Code, § 13.05)  (Ord. 17-40, passed 8-7-2017; Am. Ord. 18-06, passed 4-16-2018; Am. Ord. 20-09, passed 4-20-2020)