(A)   The office of the Village Clerk, after consideration of the application and all information obtained relative thereto, shall, within ten business days of application, approve or deny the application. If the person does not possess the qualifications for such certificate, as herein required, and the issuance of a certificate of registration to the applicant would not be in accord with the intent and purpose of this chapter, then the office of the Village Clerk shall deny the application. Endorsement shall be made by the office of the Village Clerk upon the application of the denial of the application. If the applicant is found to be fully qualified, the certificate of registration shall be issued within five business days of the application approval so long as the application fees have been fully paid. Any certificate of registration issued pursuant to this chapter shall expire one year after issuance.
   (B)   The office of the Village Clerk shall cause to be kept an accurate record of every application received and acted upon together with all other information and data pertaining thereto and all licenses issued under the provisions of this chapter and of the denial of applications.
(Ord. 17-10, passed 2-13-2017)