In addition to the general restrictions and requirements found at § 113.03 hereof, the following requirements and restrictions shall apply to mobile vending units.
   (A)   Door to door sales shall be prohibited.
   (B)   Vending is allowed only when the mobile vending unit is lawfully stopped.
   (C)   Vending is allowed only from the side of the mobile vending unit away from moving traffic and as near as possible to the curb or side of the street. Vending to a person standing in the roadway is prohibited.
   (D)   The mobile vending unit shall contain a stop signal arm that can be extended horizontally from the left side of the vending unit duplicating the design and size of a standard octagonal stop sign as set forth in the State of Illinois Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
   (E)   The mobile vending unit shall contain a convex mirror mounted on the front so the driver, in his/her normal seating position, can see the area in front of the vending unit.
   (F)   Mobile vending units shall be prohibited from vending in any Business District within the village, as described in Chapter 157 of the Code of Ordinances of the Village of East Dundee.
(Ord. 17-10, passed 2-13-2017)