(A)   The Village President shall be the Local Liquor Control Commissioner and shall be charged with the administration of the laws of the state and the village, pertaining to the sale of alcoholic liquor.
   (B)   The Village President shall appoint two Trustees to serve as Assistant Liquor Control Commissioners to assist in the exercise of the duties of office and shall, with the Village President, comprise the membership of the Local Liquor Control Commission.
   (C)   Officials shall receive compensation as set by the Board of Trustees.
   (D)   Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, the Liquor Control Commissioner may forego any, or all, compensation to which he or she is otherwise entitled for any part of his or her term by notifying the Village Treasurer, in writing, of such an election, the amount the Liquor Control Commissioner wishes to forego, the length of time the Liquor Control Commissioner wishes to forego such compensation, and the effective date of the election, Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent any Liquor Control Commissioner from rescinding the election to forego compensation, upon written notice to the Village Treasurer of his or her desire to rescind the election to forego compensation.
(1981 Code, § 36.02) (Am. Ord. 94-19, passed 9-6-1994; Am. Ord. 94-22, passed 9-19-1994; Am. Ord. 10-22, passed 5-3-2010; Am. Ord. 13-39, passed 10-21-2013)