(A)   Applications for licenses shall be filed with the Village Clerk in writing on a form provided for that purpose, except as otherwise provided.
   (B)   If the applicant is an individual or sole proprietorship, the application shall contain his or her name, date of birth, business name, if any, business and residence addresses and business and residence telephone numbers. If the applicant is a partnership or other non-corporate business entity, the application shall contain the business names, if any, address and telephone number of the partnership or other entity, and the names, dates of birth and residence addresses and residence telephone numbers of each partner or member thereof. If the applicant is a corporation, the application shall contain the name of the corporation and its address and telephone number and the names, residence addresses and residence telephone numbers of each officer and director thereof, and if a majority in interest of the stock of such corporation is owned by one person or his or her nominee or nominees, the application shall also contain the name, date of birth, residence address and residence telephone number of such person.
   (C)   Each application shall also contain:
      (1)   A designation of the type or kind of license desired;
      (2)   The location or proposed location of the place of business, occupation, activity or establishment;
      (3)   The applicable fee to be paid as provided by any village ordinance;
      (4)   The number of the certificate of registration required under the Illinois Statutes relating to retailer's occupation tax, service occupation tax, and/or use tax, if applicable; and
      (5)   Such additional information as may be needed by village officials in evaluating the application, including evidence of any insurance policy or bond required by any village ordinance.
(Ord. 13-29, passed 8-19-2013)