(A)   An application for a large event shall be submitted to the Village Clerk no less than 90 days prior to the date of the event.
   (B)   Only one large event license per year shall be required for repetitive events meeting the large event criteria.
   (C)   At a minimum, information to be provided by the applicant shall include the following:
      (1)   Name of the event;
      (2)   Date of the event;
      (3)   Type of event;
      (4)   Hours of the event;
      (5)   Whether the event is targeted primarily to minors;
      (6)   Whether alcoholic beverages will be available;
      (7)   Whether the event will involve live animals other than domestic animals permitted as pets per the provisions of Chapter 92 of this code;
      (8)   Number of permitted participants;
      (9)   Number of permitted spectators;
      (10)   Minimum number of staff to be present;
      (11)   Name and contact information for primary responsible party for the event;
      (12)   Name of lessee, if applicable;
      (13)   The traffic and parking control plan approved as part of the annual license;
      (14)   The security plan approved as part of the annual license;
      (15)   The liability insurance approved as part of the annual license; and
      (16)   Any other information required for a small event license.
   (D)   The Village Clerk shall have 30 days to act upon an application for a license and shall forward the application to the Village Building Inspector and Chief of Police for their review and comment prior to acting on the application. Failure to act within this time period shall be considered to be a denial of the license.
(Ord. 11-27, passed 5-16-2011)