(A)   The license holder shall provide a monthly list of scheduled events to the Village Clerk on the fifteenth (or next business day thereafter) of the month preceding the month in which the events are to occur.
   (B)   The monthly list of events shall include the following at a minimum. For repetitive events (such as league sports, etc.) this information may be provided only one time each year.
      (1)   Name of the event;
      (2)   Date of the event;
      (3)   Type of event;
      (4)   Hours of the event;
      (5)   Whether the event is targeted primarily to minors;
      (6)   Whether alcoholic beverages will be available;
      (7)   Number of permitted participants;
      (8)   Number of permitted spectators;
      (9)   Minimum number of staff to be present;
      (10)   Name and contact information for primary responsible party for the event; and
      (11)   Name of lessee, if applicable.
(Ord. 11-27, passed 5-16-2011)