(A)   Application for a certificate of registration shall be made upon a form provided by the Chief of Police and filed with the Chief of Police. The applicant shall truthfully state, in full, the information requested on the application:
      (1)   Name and address of present place of residence and length of residence at the address; also business address, if other than residence address; also Social Security number, driver’s license and/or other identification;
      (2)   Address of place of residence during the past three years, if other than present address;
      (3)   Age of applicant and marital status; if married, the name of spouse;
      (4)   Physical description of the applicant;
      (5)   Name and address of the person, firm or corporation of association whom the applicant is employed by or represents and the length of time of the employment or representation;
      (6)   Name and address of employer during the past three years other than the present employer;
      (7)   Description sufficient for identification of the subject matter of the soliciting in which the applicant will engage;
      (8)   Period of time for which the certificate is applied for;
      (9)   The date or approximate date of the latest previous application for certificate under this subchapter;
      (10)   Whether a certificate of registration issued to the applicant under this subchapter was ever revoked;
      (11)   Whether the applicant was ever convicted of a violation of any provision of this subchapter or the ordinance or any other state municipality regulating solicitation;
      (12)   Whether the applicant was ever convicted of the commission of a felony under the laws of the state or any other state or federal law; and
      (13)   Additional information as the Chief of Police may deem necessary to process the application.
   (B)   All statements made by the applicant upon the application or in connection therewith shall be under oath.
   (C)   The Chief of Police shall require every applicant to submit to fingerprinting by the Police Department in connection with the application for certificate.
   (D)   (1)   The Chief of Police shall cause to be kept in his or her office an accurate record of every application received and acted upon, together with all other information and data pertaining thereto and, all certificates of registration issued under the provisions of this subchapter and of the denial of applications.
      (2)   Applications for certificates shall be numbered in consecutive order as filed and every certificate issued and any renewal thereof shall be identified with the duplicate number of the application upon which it was issued.
   (E)   No certificate or registration shall be issued to any person who has been convicted of the commission of a felony under the laws of the state or any other state of federal law, within five years of the date of application; nor to any person whose certificate of registration issued hereunder has previously been revoked, as herein provided.
(1981 Code, § 35.03)