(A)   The applicant for site location approval shall file 25 copies of the application, including ten full-sized copies of exhibits and 15 reduced copies of all exhibits, with the Village Clerk, together with the appropriate site review application fee. The applicant is to provide up to ten additional copies of the application to the village upon request.
   (B)   The Clerk, upon receiving said application, shall do the following:
      (1)   Accept for filing, and date stamp as filed, any application that is filed. The date on the date stamp of the Clerk shall be considered the official filing date for all time limit purposes. Receipt and acceptance of an application by the Clerk is pro forma, and does not constitute an acknowledgment that the applicant has complied with the Act or this subchapter.
      (2)   Upon the filing of an application, the Clerk shall immediately distribute copies of the application to each member of the Village Board of Trustees then holding office, a copy to the President of the Village, a copy to the Village Administrator for the village and a copy to the Village Attorney for the village, and the Director of Public Works for the village.
      (3)   The Clerk shall make available a copy of the application and public record concerning the application for public inspection during the normal business hours of the Clerk's Office. Additionally, the Clerk shall provide to any person so requesting, copies of the application or the public record, upon such person's payment of the actual cost of reproduction.
   (C)   Form of applications.
      (1)   All applications shall be in writing on 8-1/2 x 11 inch, 8-1/2 x 14 inch, or 11 x 17 inch paper.
      (2)   The pages of the application shall be consecutively numbered, and all exhibits shall be clearly marked and identified.
      (3)   The text portion of the application including exhibits or graphic presentations shall be furnished in electronic format. The electronic copy of the application documents should be on a compact disk (CD) or digital video disk (DVD) that is readable by a standard IBM-compatible personal computer (PC). The format should be in Adobe PDF format or in another widely available format acceptable to the village.
   (D)   Proof of service evidencing that copies of said application were served upon each municipality whose official boundaries are within 1-1/2 miles of the property line of the proposed facility.
   (E)   Proof of notice, pursuant to Section 39.2(b) of the Act (ILCS Chapter 415, Act 5, §39.2(b)).
(Ord. 06-19, passed 6-19-2006)