All words used in this subchapter shall have the same meanings and definitions as the same terms are defined in the Environmental Protection Act, ILCS Chapter 415, Act 5, §§1 et seq., and the implementing and interpreting administrative rules and regulations in effect as of the date hereof, and as said statute and regulations and rules may be amended or modified from time to time.
   ACT.  The Illinois Environmental Protection Act, ILCS Chapter 415, Act 5, §§1 et seq.
   APPLICANT.  Any person, group of persons, partnership, firm, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind that files an application for local siting approval pursuant to this subchapter.
   APPLICATION.  The document(s) filed by the applicant requesting local siting approval for a facility.
   CLERK.  The Village Clerk for the Village of East Dundee, Illinois.
   FACILITY.  A new pollution control facility, as defined in the Act.
   HEARING OFFICER.  The attorney appointed by the President of the Village to preside over the public hearing(s) associated with a siting application.
   IEPA.  The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.
   MUNICIPAL WASTE.  Garbage, general household and commercial waste, industrial lunchroom or office waste, landscape waste, and construction or demolition debris [as defined in Section 3.21 of the Act (ILCS Chapter 415, Act 5, §3.21)]. "Special Waste," including, but not limited to, potentially infectious medical waste, hazardous waste, industrial process or pollution control waste, and empty containers in which special waste has been stored, and as specifically defined in Section 3.45 of the Act (ILCS Chapter 415, Act 5, §3.45) shall be excluded from the definition of MUNICIPAL WASTE.
   TRANSFER STATION.  A site or facility that accepts waste for temporary storage or consolidation, and further transfer to a waste disposal, treatment or storage facility, as defined in Section 3.83 of the Act (ILCS Chapter 415, Act 5, §3.83).
   VILLAGE.  The Village of East Dundee, Illinois, an Illinois Municipal Corporation.
(Ord. 06-19, passed 6-19-2006)