(A)   Builders may occupy the portion of the public street and sidewalk abutting upon and adjacent to such buildings for private use in connection with the actual building operations under the permit as is required subject to the supervision and direction of the Director of Public Works.
   (B)   No materials, except those required for immediate use in connection with a building or structure or the alteration or repair thereof, shall be placed upon the street or sidewalk abutting upon or adjacent to the building.  As soon as the building or structure is under roof, all materials shall be placed within the lot line and the street and sidewalk cleaned and placed in the same condition as before the beginning of building operations under the permit.
   (C)   No more than one-half the space between the center line of the street and the lot line of the premises upon which the building alterations or repairs are being conducted under the permit and no more than one-third the width of any public sidewalk, shall be occupied under the permit; provided the full width of the sidewalk may be occupied by the consent of the Director of Public Works and the providing of a temporary walk leading around the obstructed portion of the sidewalk connecting with the permanent walk at either end thereof.  The temporary walk shall be constructed to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works, to be made safe and secure for public travel upon the same.
   (D)   No building material, temporary walk or obstruction shall be placed so as to render inaccessible access to, or obstruct any fire hydrant, manhole, catch basin inaccessible access to, or obstruct any fire hydrant, manhole, catch basin or vault, or render impassable to vehicles any street, alley or public way.
   (E)   The holder of the permit shall, at all times during the work, maintain the portion of the permanent sidewalk reserved or the temporary walk above provided for, in a safe condition and clear of all material, rubbish, dirt or snow.
   (F)   He or she shall erect and maintain a sufficient and suitable fence railing or barricade to guard all excavations, embankments or obstructions along the street, obstructed during the time he or she shall occupy the same under the permit.
   (G)   He or she shall place and maintain proper and sufficient red lights or tallow pots on each end of every obstruction or excavation and at intervals of 50 feet along the same at night.  No person shall remove, extinguish or disturb the lights or pots.
   (H)   He or she shall, at no time, obstruct the gutter or waterway of any street so as to prevent free passage of water along the street and, if any gutter be shaded or covered so that ice accumulated therein, he or she shall clear the gutter of the ice so as to allow the water to pass freely at all times.
(1981 Code, § 5.06)  Penalty, see § 10.99