A.   Generally: Said police officers shall immediately stop the progress of any and all such violations, and they shall have the power to arrest all persons in the city, on view, found in violation of any law or ordinance of the city or state, or aiding or abetting any such violation, and shall take all such persons so arrested before the court having jurisdiction, and prefer charges or make complaint against such persons so arrested and prosecute same.
   B.   Confinement Of Persons Arrested: In all cases where it becomes necessary to confine any person under arrest, if such person is violent or if for any other reason the officer having such person in charge shall be apprehensive of any attempt to escape, or if he shall suspect that the person has concealed on or about his person any deadly weapon, and if such weapon shall be found or any instrument that will aid such person to escape from such confinement, the officer having such person in charge shall remove the same and deliver the same to the chief of police, who shall safely keep the same. When such person shall be released from arrest or confinement, the chief of police shall return such article to the person from whom the same may have been taken, if the same shall not have been otherwise lawfully disposed of. (Ord. 11-0706, 7-5-2011)