A.   Application For Preliminary PUD: An application for preliminary PUD shall be filed with the administrator by a property owner or person having existing interest in the property for which the PUD is proposed. At a minimum, the application shall contain the following information filed in triplicate:
      1.   Name, address and phone number of applicant;
      2.   Name, address and phone number of registered surveyor, registered engineer and/or urban planner assisting in the preparation of the preliminary development plan;
      3.   Legal description of property;
      4.   Description of existing use;
      5.   Zoning districts;
      6.   A vicinity map at a scale approved by the zoning administrator, showing property lines, streets, existing and proposed zoning and such other items as the administrator may require to show the relationship of the PUD to the comprehensive plan and to existing schools and other community facilities and services;
      7.   A preliminary development plan, at a scale approved by the zoning administrator, showing:
         a.   Topography at two foot (2') intervals;
         b.   Location and type of residential, commercial and industrial land uses;
         c.   Layout, dimensions and names of existing and proposed streets;
         d.   Rights of way;
         e.   Utility easements;
         f.   Parks and community spaces;
         g.   Layout and dimensions of lots and building setback lines;
         h.   Preliminary improvement drawings showing water, sewer, drainage, electricity, telephone and natural gas and such other characteristics as the administrator deems necessary;
      8.   Proposed schedule for the development of the site; and
      9.   Evidence that the applicant has sufficient control over the land in question to initiate the proposed development plan within one year.
The application for preliminary PUD shall be accompanied by a written statement by the developer setting forth the reasons why, in his opinion, the PUD would be in the public interest.
   B.   Public Notice: The same provision for public hearing and legal notification as required for conditional use permits, section 8-7-8 of this title, shall be followed.
   C.   Approval In Principle Of Preliminary Development Plan:
      1.   The commission shall review the preliminary development plan to determine if it is consistent with the intent and purpose of this title; whether the proposed development advances the general welfare of the community and neighborhood and whether the benefits, combination of various land uses and the interrelationship with the land uses in the surrounding area justify the deviation from standard district regulations and its recommendation to the council. The commission's recommendation in principle of the preliminary development plan shall be necessary before an applicant may submit a final development plan. Approval in principle shall not be construed to endorse a precise location of uses, configuration of parcels or engineering feasibility.
      2.   The council shall consider all provisions of this chapter including the general standards applicable to conditional use permits and criteria for conditional uses before approving in principle a preliminary development plan. The council may, upon the finding that unique or special circumstances exist with regard to the preliminary development plan, consider specific deviations from the requirements of this chapter provided conditions are placed on the PUD to assure that it will be designed and operated in accordance with goals and objectives of this chapter. (Ord. 566, 5-15-2007)