After approval of a design review application, the applicant may request a modification(s) to the approved development plans or conditions. Such request shall be made upon an application form prescribed by the Council and shall be determined pursuant to the standards set forth in this article.
   A.   Administrative Level Approvals: The Zoning Administrator is authorized to approve all modifications to approved design review applications except for those listed in subsections B and C of this section.
   B.   Board/Council Level Approvals: The following modifications to an approved design review application shall require approval from the Design Review Board, subject to final approval by the City Council:
      1.   Any change that may impact an adjoining residential neighborhood.
      2.   Any requests that, in the opinion of the Zoning Administrator, would significantly alter the approved design of the site and/or building(s) in a manner such that Design Review Board review and approval should be required.
   C.   Appeal: Any action on a modification to an approved design review application by the Zoning Administrator may be appealed in accordance with section 8-2A-14 of this article.
   D.   Failure To Obtain Approval: Failure of the applicant to obtain approval of any modifications constructed contrary to the approved design review plans may result in the requirement to reconstruct the development to comply with the original City approved design review plan. The City will not issue a final occupancy or accept a certificate of completion from the licensed architect or licensed landscape architect until the issue of the modification has been resolved. (Ord. 781, 8-8-2017)