A.   Purpose: The purpose of this article is to:
      1.   Recognize the interdependence of land values and aesthetics and to provide a method by which the City may implement this interdependence to the benefit of the community.
      2.   Encourage the development of private property in harmony with the desired character of the City and in conformance with the guidelines herein provided with due regard to the public and private interests involved.
      3.   Provide planning and design guidelines to give specific direction for downtown development, while allowing for flexibility that promotes creative, market driven development proposals.
   B.   Goals: The general theme of the Design Review Overlay District is to specify desirable building and landscape architectural styles and materials to create a sustainable and pleasing environment for residents and visitors alike. The architectural designs, materials, and graphics set forth in this article are compiled to create a theme unique to the area called "Eagle Architecture". (Ord. 462, 11-11-2003)