A.   Preparation Of Garbage: All garbage, before being deposited in the receptacles required by this section, shall be drained of surplus liquids and water.
   B.   Receptacle Requirements: Each householder, head of a family, tenant, proprietor, or operator of a place of business within the city, who is in possession of or in charge of any premises within the city upon which garbage or rubbish accumulates or may accumulate shall provide and maintain upon such premises at a place not exceeding five feet (5') from the alley line of such premises where such premises is adjacent to an alley and where the same may be conveniently emptied by the garbage and rubbish collector of the city, a receptacle of a capacity not exceeding one hundred (100) pounds, to accommodate all garbage and rubbish accumulated on such premises between pick up periods. Such receptacle shall be equipped with handles for convenient handling, be watertight, with tightly fitting covers so as to prevent flies from entering or escaping from such receptacle, be free from offensive odors and in such condition that all garbage and rubbish will readily pour therefrom. Each such householder, head of a family, tenant or proprietor or operator shall deposit all "garbage" and "rubbish" as defined in section 4-2-2 of this chapter, accumulating upon such premises in such receptacles as fast as the same accumulates.
   C.   Placement Of Receptacles: It shall be unlawful for any person to place any receptacle containing, or designed or used for garbage or rubbish, upon any street, alley, sidewalk, public place or open lot in the city except, only where premises are not situated adjacent to an alley, the owner or occupant of such premises may place receptacles containing garbage or rubbish upon the sidewalk or street adjacent to such premises in such manner as not to interfere with the free use of such sidewalk or street for an unreasonable period of time.
   D.   Unauthorized Interference With Receptacle: It shall be unlawful for any person, other than the city, its agents or employees, or a person holding a permit or license for such purpose, or having a contract with the city for such purpose, to interfere in any manner with any receptacle containing garbage or rubbish, or any form of refuse, or to remove any such receptacle from the location where the same was placed by the owner thereof, or to remove any of the contents of such receptacle. (Ord. 743, 11-17-2015)



1. See subsection 8-3-2D of this code for additional requirements in commercial, industrial and multi-family residential areas.