A.   Cause For Suspension Or Revocation: The City Clerk or designee may suspend or revoke any license for fraud and misrepresentation in its procurement, for violations of this chapter, or for any conduct or act of the licensee or their employees or any conduct or act permitted by them on the premises where such business is conducted, or in connection therewith or adjacent thereto, tending to render such business or such premises where the same is conducted as a public nuisance or a menace to the health, peace, safety or general welfare of the City, or in the event of the conviction of a licensed vendor, solicitor, or temporary merchant under the provisions of any City or County ordinance, or of any law of the State or of the United States, regulating, governing, or prohibiting the activities regulated under this chapter.
   B.   License Revocation: The City Clerk or designee shall notify the licensee of such revocation or suspension in writing, and shall mail such notice to the licensee at the mailing address set forth in the application. Such revocation or suspension shall be effective immediately upon mailing by the City Clerk or designee.
   C.   Appeal Of Revocation Or Suspension: Appeal of the City Clerk's revocation or suspension of a license issued hereunder may be made by the licensee. Such appeal shall be made in writing, shall be mailed to the City Clerk via hand delivery or U.S. mail, and shall state the reasons for such appeal. Upon receipt of such appeal, the City Clerk shall schedule a public hearing on the appeal at a City Council meeting within fourteen (14) days. The City Council's decision on such appeal shall be a final decision. (Ord. 791, 4-24-2018, eff. 6-1-2018)