A.   The City Clerk shall notify the applicant whether the application is approved and shall issue a license. Such license shall show the name, address, the type of license issued, and the kind of goods to be sold or type of sales to be solicited thereunder, the amount of fee paid, the date of issuance and the date of expiration.
   B.   The City Clerk shall notify the applicant if their license request is disapproved, the reasons therefor, and advise them of the appeal procedure pursuant to the provisions of section 3-4-15 of this chapter.
   C.   The license issued to the licensee hereunder by the City Clerk shall be exhibited in a conspicuous place if the licensee is using a vehicle or a building in his business, and otherwise must be displayed on the outside garment of the individual during hours of operation. (Ord. 791, 4-24-2018, eff. 6-1-2018)