(A)   A rebuttable presumption of the presence of junk motor vehicles shall exist under one or more of the following conditions:
      (1)   Weeds or grass underneath the vehicle which indicates to a reasonable person that the vehicle or junk has not been moved;
      (2)   One or more tires are flat or missing;
      (3)   One or more wheels are missing;
      (4)   Portions of the vehicle which are needed for its operation or control are missing;
      (5)   The vehicle is in a state of disassembly or so dismantled that it cannot be operated;
      (6)   Upon receipt of a complaint by the city that a vehicle has been parked or stored or by a written complaint received by the city that parts are taken from or added to a vehicle which would indicate a salvage or garage operation;
      (7)   The vehicle owner cannot document proper and current registration, if required; or
      (8)   The improper display of current registration as required by state law.
   (B)   Additional provisions for junk motor vehicles or junk shall be as follows.
      (1)   If the owner of the land on which a junk or junk motor vehicle is discovered in violation of this chapter does not hold title or disclaims title to the junk or vehicle, and the true owner of the junk or vehicle is known or can be ascertained, the true owner shall move, screen, or dispose of the junk or vehicle upon receiving written notice.
      (2)   If the last known registered owner fails or refuses to reclaim the junk or vehicle upon receiving written notice, or if after an investigation the owner of the junk or vehicle cannot be ascertained, the city shall notify the Oklahoma Department of Safety or other governmental agency to determine ownership.
(Prior Code, § 94.08) (Ord. 1388, passed 11-12-2002)