(A)   Where a new sanitary sewer yard line is installed and is connected to the city’s public sanitary sewer main system, a backflow valve must be installed according to the following standards:
      (1)   All bearing parts of the backwater valves shall be of corrosion-resistant material;
      (2)   All backwater valves shall comply with ASME A112.14.1, CSA B181.1, or CSA B181.2;
      (3)   Backwater valves shall be so constructed as to provide a mechanical seal against backflow;
      (4)   Backwater valves, when fully opened, shall have a capacity not less than that of the pipes in which they are installed; and
      (5)   Location of the backwater valves shall be installed so that access is provided to the working parts for service and repair and no less than 24 inches back on the private line from the city tap.
   (B)   All other rules and regulations shall apply.
(Prior Code, § 54.043) (Ord. 1537, passed 4-10-2007) Penalty, see § 10.99