(A)   When a public sanitary sewer becomes available (within 300 feet of the property line as measured from the public right-of-way or public utility easement), the building sewer shall be connected to the sanitary sewer within 60 days at the expense of the property owner. The Building Official may reasonably extend the time a building has to connect to the sanitary sewer line extension for construction-related delays.
   (B)   All users connecting to a sanitary sewer line extension which is funded in part by the city, either by cash expenditure or the furnishing of labor in constructing the extension, shall pay a fee as set by the city for connecting to the sanitary sewer line extension.
   (C)   Any user desiring a connection to a sanitary sewer line extension in which the fee in division (B) above is due shall either pay the fee before being allowed a connection or shall execute a promissory note in the amount due with interest thereon at the date to be set by the City Manager, providing for 12 monthly amortized payments, payable to the city, before being allowed to connect to the sanitary sewer line extension. The monthly payments required by promissory note given by a user shall be billed on the monthly sewer bill sent to the user. Nonpayment of the note payments shall be grounds for terminating utility service to the user.
   (D)   The fee in division (B) above shall be automatically adjusted annually for inflation.
(Prior Code, § 54.021) (Ord. 1537, passed 4-10-2007) Penalty, see § 10.99