(A)   Penalties. Illegal signs shall be subject to the administrative remedies of the Municipal Code Chapter 1200.
   (B)   Removal of illegal signs in the public right-of-way. The Director may cause the removal of any sign within the public right-of-way or on property that is otherwise abandoned that has been placed there without first complying with the requirements of this chapter.
   (C)   Storage of removed signs. Signs removed in compliance with this section shall be stored by the city for 30 days, during which they may be recovered by the owner only upon payment to the city for costs of removal and storage. If not recovered within the 30-day period, the sign and supporting structure shall be declared abandoned and title shall vest with the city. The costs of removal and storage (up to 30 days) may be billed to the owner. If not paid, the applicable costs may be imposed as a tax lien against the property.
(Ord. 1870, passed 12-11-18)