(A)   Purpose. A comprehensive sign program is intended to integrate the design of the signs proposed for a development project with the design of the structures into a unified architectural statement. A comprehensive sign program provides a means for defining common sign regulations for multi-tenant projects, to encourage maximum incentive and latitude in the design and display of multiple signs, and to achieve, not circumvent, the intent of this chapter.
   (B)   Applicability. The approval of a comprehensive sign program shall be required whenever any of the following circumstances exist, or whenever an applicant requests the approval of a comprehensive sign program:
      (1)   Two or more separate tenant spaces are to be created on the same parcel;
      (2)   Five or more non-exempt signs are proposed for a new or existing development; and
      (3)   The Director determines that a comprehensive sign program is needed because of special project characteristics (for example, the size of proposed signs, limited site visibility, a business within a business, the location of the site relative to major transportation routes, and the like).
   (C)   Approval authority. A comprehensive sign program shall be approved through the granting of a sign permit for a comprehensive sign program by the Director.
   (D)   Application requirements. A sign permit application for a comprehensive sign program shall include all information and materials required by the Department, and the filing fee set by the city's fee resolution.
   (E)   Standards. A comprehensive sign program shall comply with the following standards:
      (1)   The program shall comply with the purpose of this chapter, the sign design guidelines, and the overall intent of this section;
      (2)   The signs shall enhance the overall development, be in harmony with, and relate visually to other signs included in the comprehensive sign program, to the structures and/or developments they identify, and to surrounding development;
      (3)   The program shall accommodate future revisions that may be required because of changes in use or tenants; and
      (4)   The program shall comply with the standards of this chapter, except that flexibility is allowed with regard to sign area, number, location, and/or height to the extent that the comprehensive sign program will enhance the overall development and will more fully accomplish the purposes of this chapter.
   (F)   Revisions to comprehensive sign programs. Revisions to a comprehensive sign program may be approved by the Director if the intent of the original approval is not affected. Revisions that would substantially deviate from the original approval shall require the approval of a new comprehensive sign program.
(Ord. 1870, passed 12-11-18)