Prohibited signs. The following signs are inconsistent with the purposes and standards of this chapter and are prohibited in all zoning districts:
   (A)   Large screen video signs over 32 square feet;
   (B)   Notices, placards, bills, posters, cards, stickers, banners, signs, advertisings, or other devices designed to attract the attention of the public that are posted or otherwise affixed upon any street, street furniture, right-of-way, public sidewalk, crosswalk, curb, lamp post, hydrant, tree, alley, telephone pole, public telephone, or lighting system, or other public alarm or communication system;
   (C)   Murals, except as may be approved by resolution of the City Council;
   (D)   Obscene or offensive signs containing statements, words, or pictures of an obscene or indecent character which appeal to the prurient interest in sex, or which are patently offensive and do not have serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value;
   (E)   Off-site signs not specifically allowed by the provisions of this chapter;
   (F)   Painted signs on fences or roofs except addresses;
   (G)   Signs advertising home occupations;
   (H)   Signs not in compliance with the provisions of this chapter;
   (I)   Signs erected in a manner that a portion of their surface or supports will interfere with the free use of a fire escape, exit, or standpipe, or obstruct a required ventilator, door, stairway, or window above the first story, or create other hazards;
   (J)   Signs using words, colors, symbols, or characters in a manner that interferes with, misleads, or confuses pedestrian or vehicular traffic and safety;
   (K)   Vehicle signs attached to or painted on motor vehicles that are parked other than on or adjacent to property that the business is located for more than 24 consecutive hours, the principal purpose of which is to attract attention to a product sold or business located other than on the property;
   (L)   Signs in the public right-of-way that block any section of the pedestrian sidewalk or street;
   (M)   Signs in the public right-of-way with the first five feet from the curb or street if no curb exists;
   (N)   Roof signs extending past and above the edge of the roof structure;
   (O)   Signs emitting audible sounds, odors, or visible matter;
   (P)   Inflatable signs and tethered balloons;
   (Q)   Beacons;
   (R)   Pennants; and
   (S)   Strings of lights not permanently mounted to a rigid background, except those exempt under the previous section.
(Ord. 1870, passed 12-11-18)