§ 159.11  SIGN PERMITS.
   Sign permits shall be prepared, filed, processed, and approved or denied in compliance with this section.
   (A)   Application processing and fee. A sign permit application shall include the information and materials required by the Department, and the filing fee set by the city's fee resolution.
   (B)   Criteria for approval. The Director or Commission may approve a sign permit if the proposed sign:
      (1)   Meets the requirements of this chapter;
      (2)   Is in compliance with the sign design guidelines;
      (3)   Would not interfere with pedestrian or vehicular safety;
      (4)   Would not detract from the character of a historic or architecturally significant structure;
      (5)   Would not be located so as to have a negative impact on adjacent property;
      (6)   Would not detract from the pedestrian quality of street or area; and
      (7)   Would not add to an over proliferation of signs on a particular property or area.
   (C)   Revocation or modification of sign permits. The Director may revoke or modify a sign permit, if it is found that the sign(s) has been erected, altered, reconstructed, or is being maintained in a manner that is inconsistent with the approved permit.
   (D)   Temporary signs on commercial or industrial property shall be allowed only upon the issuance of a temporary sign permit, which shall be subject to the following requirements.
      (1)   Term. A temporary sign permit shall allow the use of a temporary sign for a specified 30-day period.
      (2)   Number. Only one temporary sign permit shall be issued to the same business or business owner on the same zone lot in any calendar year, unless otherwise determined by the city staff.
   (E)   Note. No permits for temporary signs in the public right-of-way shall be issued.
(Ord. 1870, passed 12-11-18)