(A)   A legal nonconforming sign is a sign which does not conform to each and every applicable provision of the city's signage regulations, but was:
      (1)   Lawfully in existence prior to the passage of Ordinance 1345, as adopted on September 10, 2001;
      (2)   Lawfully in existence and in use in the city prior to and at the time the provisions of the city's signage regulations with which it does not conform became effective: or
      (3)   Lawfully in existence and in use on property outside the city at the time of annexation of such property to the city.
   (B)   All legal nonconforming signs, billboards, or commercial advertising structures specifically describing the business or nature of a conforming or legal nonconforming building, structure, or use on the premises may be maintained during the lawful lifetime of the building, structure, or use.
   (C)   Replacement, alteration, or relocation on same parcel.
      (1)   Although the resulting sign will not be in conformance in all respects with the provisions of the signage regulations, a sign permit may be issued to allow replacement, alteration, or relocation on the same parcel of a legal nonconforming sign provided that:
         (a)   The resulting sign is no larger in square footage than the original legal nonconforming sign;
         (b)   The resulting sign has received design approval from the Director of Community Development; and
         (c)   The Director of Community Development has determined that the resulting sign will reduce visual clutter or visual blight.
      (2)   The resulting sign shall be a legal nonconforming sign.
   (D)   The Zoning Code shall address all other issues of nonconformance.
(Ord. 1870, passed 12-11-18)