(A)   The Planning Commission may consider and investigate any subject matter tending to the development and betterment of the city and make recommendations as it may deem advisable concerning the adoption thereof to any department of the municipal government and for any purpose make, or cause to be made, surveys, maps or plans. Before final action shall be taken by the City Council, or any department of the city government, on the location and designs of any public building, statue, memorial, park, parkway, boulevard, street and alley, playgrounds, public grounds, bridge or the change in location of any street or alley, or the grade thereof, such question shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for investigation and report.
   (B)   All plans, plats or replats of land laid out in lots or plats and streets, alleys or other portions of the same intended to be dedicated to public or private use within the corporate limits of the city shall first be submitted to the Planning Commission for its approval or rejection.
(Ord. 1544, passed 3-13-07)
   Subdivision regulations, see Ch. 156